Movement Workshop With Camille Barton: Transforming Oppression At The Root

Focus on Racism, Sexism and Intersectionality (for cis women, trans women and non binary people).

Date: Saturday 27th October, 1.30pm to 6pm, Cost: £30 to £50*

Venue: Z-Arts, Hulme, Manchester

*[Fully funded for people of the Global Majority (People of Colour or BAME) and also some funding available to fully or partially subsidise anyone else who wants to join where cost is a barrier (no explanation needed, it’s on trust basis).]

“Join Camille Barton of the Collective Liberation Project for a workshop using dance, mindfulness and self reflection to explore how social justice relates to our bodies as womxn. The session will focus on racism, sexism and intersectionality. Camille will also talk about her lived experience as a Black, Queer womxn and how her approach to anti-oppression work is deeply integrated with mindfulness, the body and the holistic healing of trauma”.

An embodied approach to Social Justice recognises the ways in which our bodies reproduce systems of domination such as racism and sexism. Our daily actions, thoughts and behaviours often reinforce oppressive systems that marginalise various people in society.

In light of #MeToo, the recent election of Donald Trump, and rising right wing sentiment, we desperately need holistic approaches to create the change we need to see in the world and heal our trauma.

As powerful and necessary as these conversations are, they can also be draining and trigger painful memories. In the Western context, there is a dominance of rational conversation and debate to approach traumatic issues and little focus on methods to move trauma through the body. Work such as “The Body Keeps a Score” by Doctor Van Der Kolk highlights that trauma has a huge impact on our physical health and needs to be approached by working with the body, rather than the mind alone.

This workshop provides a space to emotionally and physically process feelings that you have in relation to your experience as a womxn, using movement and somatic exercises.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore Camille’s research into this area which spans the fields of neuroscience, traumatology, intersectional feminism and dance therapy.”

What to expect?
We’ll explore the sensation of the body, and move through space and through music. You can take a break at any point. The movement section will be between 45mins to 1 hour, the rest of the workshop will be group exercises/discussion and mindfulness.

Camille Barton is an artist, researcher and the founding director of the Collective Liberation Project (CLP). CLP designs educational experiences to help people understand oppression, and how it relates to their lived experience, so they can stop behaving in ways that reproduce oppression, such as racism and sexism. This work is inspired by Camille’s ongoing research into somatics and social justice: exploring how trauma from oppression is rooted in the body and how it can be healed with movement and mindfulness. CLP has worked with clients including Quakers in Britain, Release, Sisters Uncut, The University of Sussex, SOAS, The Arts Marketing Association and Sunday Assembly London.

Camille’s art practise involves dance, improvisation, ritual and Afrofuturism to weave new realities fusing art and social change. Most recently Camille directed and danced in ‘Space is the Place’, a 3 minute Afrofuturist sci-fi film produced by Channel 4 Random Acts. She is currently co – producing and curating the SanQtuary, the first intersectional Queer venue at a UK music festival, launching at Shambala.

See her website HERE,

To book onto this workshop: please email a short paragraph (300 words max) or send a 2 minute video of yourself explaining why you would like to attend, to Nikki at . Please also state how much you can pay £30 to 50*.
*[Fully funded for people of the Global Majority (People of Colour or BAME) and also some funding available to fully or partially subsidise anyone else who wants to join where cost is a barrier (no explanation needed, it’s on trust basis).]

DEADLINE for application is September 16th 2018

If this application process is not accessible for you please get in touch.

OUTSIDE THE FRAME ARTS collective is driven by anti-racism and challenging the inherent white spaces in the arts. For this particular workshop we have decided to give fully funded places to People of the Global Majority (People of Colour/BAME) as issues on race are central to this workshop.

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