Other Resources

Anti-racism organisations with Educational Resources


  • Reni Eddo-Lodge, ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race’
  • Akala, ‘Natives’
  • Robin D’Angelo, ‘White Fragility’
  • Owens, Angel Kyodo Williams, ‘Radical Dharma’
  • Michelle Alexander, ‘The New Jim Crow’
  • Rae Johnson, ‘Embodied Social Justice’
  • Mike Davis, ‘Late Victorian Holocausts: El Nino Famines and the making of the Third World’
  • John Newsinger, ‘The Blood Never Dried: A People’s History of the British Empire’
  • David Olusooga, ‘Black and British: A Forgotten History’
  • Paul Kivel, ‘Uprooting Racism’
  • Nell Irvin Painter, ‘The History of White People’
  • Noel Ignatiev, ‘How the Irish became White’
  • Dr Joy DeGruy, ‘Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome’ * (She has lectures on Youtube)
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates, ‘Between the World and Me’


Documentary/ Film

  • Black and British: A Forgotten History *BBC iPlayer*
  • The Hard Stop (2015)
  • The 13th(2016)
  • The House I Live In (2012)
  • The Colour of Fear (1994)

Training & Consultancy:

The Collective Liberation Project / Collective Liberation